Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The First 20 Weeks ;) and It's A BOY!!!!

     The first 20 weeks of the pregnancy were pretty uneventful, just some of the usual morning sickness, aches and pains. The only thing of note during this time was getting diagnosed with a fibroid and my doctor deciding to send me to a perinatologist to monitor the fibroid. On July 18th, 2011, Doug and me went together for the 20 week ultrasound that would tell us if we were having a boy or girl.
     All a long both Doug and me felt it was a boy BUT because both of us felt that way, we were both thinking it would be a girl. Turns out we were right! I guess a parents' intuition begins early :)! We both were watching the monitor when a view of the baby came on the screen. It was an image of the lower half of the baby. We both looked at it and looked at each other, then counted. Three appendages!  Then we asked (almost in unison),  "is that what we think it is"? The tech said yes as she typed on the image, "BOY! OH BOY!".  Honestly we would have been happy with either a girl or a boy, all we wanted was a healthy baby. We had names picked out for each before I was even pregnant!

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