Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miss Kelly's Latest Visit

     Today Miss Kelly came to do therapy with Mason. He was finishing up lunch when she arrived. When he saw her he began to laugh and smile, then play with his food rather than eat it. So with lunch over, we all sat down on the floor as Miss Kelly began to work with Mason. As she went through his exercises with him, he would laugh and smile at her.
      Then she decided to work with his left hand by trying to trap his right hand in his shirt (notice I said TRY to work with his left hand). She sat Mason facing outward on her lap and pulled his arm into the shirt so that is was touching his belly. She began tying the right sleeve into a knot (so that he couldn't put it back in). As she was trying to tie the knot, Mason decided that he could get his right arm out of the shirt another way. He raised his arm up through the neck hole, exposing his arm and shoulder with the sleeve dangling underneath. Smart boy! So I went to get him another shirt to try.
     As Miss Kelly was trying to get it on him and the knot tied in the sleeve again he began to fuss, wiggle, and complain (and to try to escape that shirt too). She decided that wasn't going to work, so she untied the knot so that Mason could put his right arm in the sleeve. After she got his shirt on, he turned towards her with a stern look on his face. He then said a bunch of garbled sounds that included some screams and screeches, we couldn't tell what he said but he certainly sounded as if he were cussing her out in baby talk, lol.
     The session continued with Mason laughing and giggling throughout.

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