Friday, May 24, 2013

Just This Week.....

     Mason has made a LOT of progress this week. On Tuesday, I went to get Mason from his crib after his afternoon nap. He was sitting up in his crib barely awake. This was the first time that Mason sat up on his own. YEAH! In the last month and a half, Mason has made so much progress that I have been lucky enough to have a LOT of proud mommy moments :).
     Then while at MiSue and Grandpa's (my parents) house, my mom found him sitting up in their crib after his morning nap on Wednesday. Okay I know what some of you are thinking (including me a little bit and Doug too), that maybe he used the crib to help him sit up. Nope! During PT yesterday, he sat up unassisted :). I saw it! He went from a four point stance (hands and knees) to pushing to a side sit position to a full sitting up position. It's nice to see his hard work paying off ;).
     Then yesterday afternoon, he refused his afternoon nap. I went to get him out of his crib and he was STANDING up! I know we really should have lowered his crib when he started pulling up on the sofa, but he showed NO interest in pulling up in his crib or other places until yesterday. There he was standing up, and of course it would be near the end of the crib with the changing table attached to it. He had popped open the wipes and had one in his hand staring at it. So needless to say we lowered his crib last night and took off the stuff on the top of the changing table. 
     When I put him to bed last night he noticed the lowered mattress right away ;). I sat him down in his crib and he gave me a kinda strange look. He spun himself around while staying in a sitting position, looking all around his crib. He pulled himself up and smiled (maybe a sign of approval?...LOL!). After his normal bit of fussing, he went on to sleep ;).

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