Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Doctor Appt

I went to the first OB appt with my mom and Doug. I was under the impression from the receptionist that I was going to have my FIRST ultrasound as a soon to be mom (that's why I wanted my mom there). WRONG! To me the appointment was a  complete waste of time and money. My mom and Doug were escorted to an examining room and I was escorted to the bathroom. I had to take a test (just like the ones I took at home).  They said congratulations I'm pregnant (no kidding). Then I asked about getting an ultrasound, they said it was too early and we would have to come back. Really, what's the point of that first appointment??? Why not have women come in after it's been long enough for the first ultrasound??? So we leave with the next appointment set. Talk about a long 2 weeks.

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