Friday, April 6, 2012

The Hospital Stay and Going Home

   We were moved into my new room by about 8:00 P.M. (less than 2 hours after having Mason). It was the tiniest room on the floor, barely enough room for the sofa to be pulled out into a bed for Doug, the hospital bed for me, and the bassinet for Mason. To top things off, just outside my room was the ice machine for the floor :(...noisy! They really need to restrict usage after about 11 P.M., but they didn't. If someone wanted ice at 3 A.M. they could have it.
   Mason stayed with us most of the time I was in the hospital. He went to the nursery for less than 2 hours one morning but was brought back to me because he was crying too much. REALLY!?!?! What happened to giving new mothers a chance to rest?  I had just been through the most physically exhausting and demanding thing of my life. I wasn't allowed any time to recuperate.
   The day and half I spent in that room seemed so much longer than it actually was. I think it was because I was getting checked on so often, nurses for both of us, doctor for me, doctor for Mason, anesthesiologist,  etc. I saw A LOT of staff in about 36 hours time. Seems weird to say that it was only 36 hours, felt a lot longer at the time, like I said.
   Friday came, it was time to come home. Mason was checked out nice and early (5 or 6 A.M.). I didn't get checked out until around 9 A.M. by my doctor. The paperwork and all the other procedures for checking out took until about 12:30 or 1 P.M. On a side note, when I was first put into that room I was given a survey to fill out for classes or educational information that we wanted before leaving. They didn't do anything I had asked for :(. I was too tired to think clearly, so I didn't even ask about it.
   We packed up everything, I got Mason dressed into his "going home" outfit. I had forgotten how hard it is to dress a newborn, they are so wobbly. They brought Doug a cart for everything. I was wheeled out with Mason in my hands through the lobby. So many people looked at us and smiled ;). I guess when you are in a hospital, it is good to be reminded that good things happen there too.
   We very carefully loaded Mason into the car, and drove home. I sat beside him on the way home. The ride home seemed to take along time. We arrived home and I carried him up the steps (I wanted to).  We unpacked everything and relaxed, while watching the kitties meeting Mason for the first time.

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