Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D-Day (ironic title since he was born on Dec. 7th)

    FINALLY!!! The big day had arrived (and before my scheduled induction too...YEAH!)! On the morning of December 7th, 2011, I was having trouble sleeping. I finally took a half of an Ambien at 2 A.M. but it had no affect on me. I laid in bed for an hour restless, not being able to sleep even after taking the Ambien. I decided that maybe if I went to use the restroom I could sleep better (I didn't really have to go, just thought maybe having to go at all was keeping me up). So I was about to get up off the bed, when POP! I felt a pop and then a big gush! It was 3:14 A.M. I screamed for Doug (he was on the couch because I couldn't sleep with him in the bed). He came in. I said I think my water just broke (I KNEW it had broken but I just wanted him to not get too anxious). So I called the doctor, she asked me a couple of questions, then said to pack my bags and she would let the hospital know that I'm coming (finally, this time to have Mason ;).
   So Doug hopped in the shower while I put the finishing touches on my bag (it was basically packed since about 32 weeks, because of the trouble I was having). He wouldn't let me take a shower :(...I should've taken a shower THEN woken him up, LOL! So we got in the CR-V and headed to the hospital. We arrived there about 4:45 A.M.  Along the way we discussed when to call my mom.  We tried calling her iPhone and the house phone, but couldn't get through.
     I was checked in and assigned a room. Mason decided to come on a busy early morning for the hospital. I was hooked up to machines for monitoring of Mason's vitals, my vitals, and contractions. After I was settled in we called my mom again and we got through. Dr. Stadulis came in about 5:30 A.M. and discussed pushing Pictocin through my IV, I told her I didn't want that. She said I could wait a few hours, but if the contractions weren't closer together by the time Dr. Wilkes arrived at 8 A.M., that I would have to get Pictocin to "move things along". Mom and dad arrived :).
    Sure enough 8:30 A.M. came and Dr. Wilkes came in the room to check on me. She put the order in for Pictocin, the contractions weren't coming close enough together. I was ok with that, because I had been given the chance for my body to kick into drive, but it didn't (at least not quick enough). Also around that time Mason appeared to be the only one to be affected by the Ambien. His vitals were staying flat, normally they want to see "accels" or accelerations. They told me then if he didn't start showing "accels" and my contractions didn't start coming closer together, then I would have a c-section (BOOO!!!).  My contractions got closer together, but the dose of Pictocin had to be increased too :(.  Thankfully Mason's vitals improved to the acceptable range and I was allowed to continue progressing.
     I started having regular contractions, I  got to the point after about 3 hours that they were 3 minutes apart and very painful. I asked for an epidural. It took about 20 minutes for someone to show up, then took numerous people (3) 30 minutes,  and numerous attempts (7-8) to get it in. Once it was in, I was so GRATEFUL! My nurse, Christi, was so nice and helpful!  Once the epidural was in, she pushed the button to give the medication a "jump start" then gave me control. I only pushed it once about an hour after getting it.
     I saw I was having contractions, but didn't feel them thankfully. Doug asked me if I knew I was having contractions, I said yes, that it was "cool". Dad had to leave for a while but Mom stayed with me and Doug.  Meanwhile, next door there was a woman that went all natural. She sounded like she was in sooo much pain. Every time I heard her scream and yell, all I could think was "Thank God I have an epidural"...literally, thank you God for me having that option.
     Christi popped her head in to check on me here and there. A couple of times she helped me turn over when Mason's vitals dipped again. Mom and Doug hung out with me, taking turns leaving the room to get food. About 2:30 P.M., she came in and moved me again so that the doctor could check me. I had dilated some more, and Dr. Wilkes said I would be meeting my son around dinnertime. YIPPEEEE!!!!  About an hour later, my epidural started wearing off. I let it rather than pushing the button again or asking for a 2nd one. I had remembered that the epidural can slow down labor. About 4:45 P.M. Christi came in and said it was about time to push. She left and told Dr. Wilkes, to see if I could start pushing. She came back in around 5 P.M., saying that she had the green light to have me start pushing. With that announcement, Mom left the room. Christi set the room up. Then about 5:15 P.M. I started pushing. After about 30 minutes of pushing she called in Dr. Wilkes. I was having trouble delivering Mason,  so I had extra staff in there in addition to my nurse and doctor- the head nurse, NICU doctor, and NICU nurse. I just want to smack the head nurse. She was annoying, she thought she was my personal cheerleader,  ANYONE who knows me would know how annoying I would find that on a day where I wasn't in the worst pain in my life. I just wanted her to leave or to smack her. I kept saying to her,  "just counting please" ( tried to be polite to everyone :). I think I said that to her 8-9 times before I finally asked her to leave. She couldn't leave, hospital policy :(. What BS! Like the other 2 nurses and 2 doctors that were WAY more helpful couldn't handle it. Finally Christi spoke up for me and asked her to wait in the!  I pushed some more, then all of a sudden Mason was here! Mason arrived at 6:14 P.M. :)!!
     The nurses and doctors cleaned him up and suctioned his nose, he then began to cry.  The nurses and doctors tried to settle him some before passing him to me. He arrived in my hands crying but as soon as I talked to him he got quiet. I was impressed he recognized my voice that quickly. I thought it would be maybe a few hours, possibly even a few days, nope instantly :)!
    Nurses finished cleaning us up. I rested while holding Mason. I was so afraid I was going to drop him, because I was a little lightheaded and my appendages were like jell-o from pushing so much. After a while my new nurse got me out of bed and I nearly passed out in the bathroom. She gave me some smelling salts and told me to take very deep breaths, I recovered. Then once in the wheelchair I came close to passing out again (even closer this time, don't worry I wasn't holding Mason because I was physically exhausted and I knew it ;).  Around 7:45 P.M., Joy popped in to meet her grandson, but didn't stay long because even though it only been about 90 minutes since I gave birth, it was time for me to move to a different room.

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