Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Last 20 Weeks

    The last 20 weeks were anything but uneventful.  At 24 weeks, I began having upper abdominal pain on a Thursday night. The pains continued the next morning off and on. I called the nurse at my doctor's office (she was only sometimes helpful), I knew I should have asked to be seen rather than talking to her, BUT I was following procedure. So I described the pain, and told her it wasn't near the baby. She said I had to go to L&D (labor & Delivery) to make sure I wasn't having contractions. What a horrible feeling! I knew he was viable at that point, but just barely. So I drove myself to L&D (being a Friday Doug was at work, when he left for the day I wasn't having any pain) after calling Doug. I don't know how I made it! I can remember driving there but being very nervous. I got there and they took awhile to check me in. They finally got me hooked up, I was having minor contractions, but nothing to be concerned about (just Braxton-Hicks, I couldn't feel them at all). They monitored me for awhile and then released me. The doctor had explained to me that she had thought it was a gall bladder issue and that it was normal. She asked if I had a GI doctor and I said yes.  She said to follow up with him so I did. Both he and I thought it wasn't a gall bladder issue because after that day I didn't have any more immediate symptoms. He ordered an ultrasound just in case. Turns out we were both wrong. I had gall stones. Thankfully as long as I didn't really have any more symptoms I could wait until after having Mason to deal with them. As I am typing this, Mason is almost 4 months old, and I haven't gone back to the GI doctor yet (I plan to, just haven't yet ;).
     At 28 weeks, I was tested for gestational diabetes. Please just let it be good news! It was! No gestational diabetes, yeah I can eat cake at my baby shower ;)!
     At 30 weeks, I thought I was having a bad day, just not feeling well (thought it was normal back pains, stomach stretching, etc.).  I called the doctor on call at Doug's urging and I am glad I did. She had us go to L&D, they hooked me up to a machine to monitor me (to rule out contractions). That's just it though, they couldn't rule out contractions. So I was given 2 shots of terbutiline and the contractions stopped. I left the hospital with a RX for Procardia and on bedrest :(.  Taking the Procardia every 4 hours (even through the night) sucked, but thankfully it did its job and kept the contractions at bay. This was also the beginning of weekly appointments to my OB (I was supposed to start weekly at 35 weeks :-/).
     At 32 weeks, I went back to the perinatologist. I told him about what happened at 30 weeks, he wasn't convinced that I needed the Procardia but I could stay on it if I wanted to. He ordered me to go get steroids at the hospital to mature Mason's lungs. So I went to L&D again and they hooked me up to machines again (part of their procedure). Gave me another shot of terbutiline because I was having contractions, although this time I couldn't feel them. Then also gave me the first of 2 steroid shots. The next one was given 24 hours later. Can you imagine how terrifying this is for a FTM (first time mom)?!?!?
    At 34 weeks, I was having back pains and stomach pains again. So off to L&D AGAIN!  This time I was having contractions but they stopped on their own and I wasn't given any medication to stop them, but instead was given pain medication (helped greatly). A bonus of this trip was being able to see my new nephew :) (my SIL had given birth about 20 hours earlier).
   Thankfully, I went off the Procardia at almost 36 weeks along with the bedrest.  Each weekly visit was completely normal ;). With each visit there was little or no progress. I was asked when I would want to be induced. I said December 5th, thinking of how I wanted the pregnancy done, but not thinking of the fact I really DIDN'T want to be induced. I eventually got my induction rescheduled until December 8th. The whole time hoping and praying that he would decide to come before that. Thankfully he did ;).

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