Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Next 2 months (Ages 3months- 5 months)

     Mason has changed A LOT during this time. More and more of his personality is starting to shine through :). In the last two months he has started laughing and giggling more and more. He regularly "talks" and seems to try to carry on conversations with just about anyone willing to listen ;). In addition to the laughing and giggling, he is able to fully rollover now. He loves to rollover! He has even become a stomach sleeper, BUT still doesn't sleep through the night :(. It's so neat to see him developing new skills and trying to do new things.
     He has started eating solids now. He seems to love carrots and applesauce. Mason likes oatmeal as well but seems to only tolerate rice cereal (willing to eat it but doesn't seem to fully enjoy it). I can't wait until he can eat table food! It's such an exciting time for him! Before we know it he will be sitting up, crawling, then walking!       Time seems to be flying...I'm glad we have a lot of video and pictures to look back on this time with him ;).

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