Friday, June 1, 2012

My First Mother's Day

     My first Mother's Day was great! We spent the weekend with my parents at Virginia Beach. The four of us  (plus Mason too....I can't imagine anyone not wanting to spend Mother's Day without their children, maybe my opinion will change, but I don't think so for now) rode down together on Friday afternoon and left late Sunday morning.
     I really enjoyed being able to watch the sunrises on Saturday and Sunday morning. Doug recorded the sunrise that Saturday. I got an excellent picture of Mason and Doug watching the sunrise for the first time together (I will post pic later). Even though I was finishing my homework for my class, I was able to relax and enjoy the trip 99.99999% (you get the idea :) of the time.
     The one thing I missed out on was a trip to the aquarium, but Doug took pictures. I was stuck in the hotel room working on homework (yuck!). That was what they ended up doing so I could have the quiet I needed. Oh well! We plan to go the Baltimore Aquarium in the near future and I hear that one is a MUCH better than the one in VA Beach. Even though I missed out on the trip I still got something from it (besides getting some of my homework finished). My boys brought me a cute stuffed turtle and a turtle pin.
     I'm just hoping that Doug's first Father's Day will be equally as special as my first Mother's Day.

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