Thursday, July 5, 2012

First 4th of July and Uncle Jack's visit

     We started the day with trying to sleep in....too bad Mason didn't get the memo :(. He was up at 6:10, ate and went back to sleep for an hour. Once everyone was up for the day, we went out for a late, leisurely, breakfast at Bob Evans (yum!). We enjoyed our breakfast while Mason enjoyed taking in all the people and things going on in the restaurant. When we came back home we began busily getting ready for Uncle Jack's visit.      
     Time for Uncle Jack's visit :). Uncle Jack came for a brief visit. At first Mason seemed upset to be meeting a new person, but by the end of the visit we were able to get pictures of Uncle Jack holding Mason (yeah!). I'm so glad Mason got to meet his great Uncle Jack :). Doug was happy about that too. Plus Doug and Uncle Jack got to talk about a future visit.     
     After Uncle Jack's visit we went to my parents' house and visited with them for a while before all of us headed to see the fireworks.      
     The fireworks were great! Mason could have cared less, he looked at them like big deal, like he sees them everyday. Between this and his reaction to the pool, I think he might be hard to impress later on, lol. The best part of the night was these 2 little girls (5-7 years old) trying to sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' and they couldn't get the words right to safe their lives BUT they kept trying with all the hearts ;). All in all a happy first 4th!

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