Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Time in the Ocean (2nd Beach Trip)

     About 2 weeks ago we went to Kill Devil Hills, NC with Mason's Nana and Papa. This was Mason's second time going to the beach BUT his first time going in the ocean (first trip was VA beach in May....BRR!).
      The afternoon we went we started planning the trip by getting Mason ready (fresh diaper, swim trunks & shirt, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat). I took care of the other necessities (prepared a pedialite bottle/ juice bottle, grabbed a diaper and wipes). Doug and me put on our swimsuits. All set!
      When we got to the beach, we put down our stuff and practically ran to the ocean. Doug and me could not wait to put Mason in the ocean. Finally the moment came! It was decided that I would be the one to hold Mason  while Doug recorded the event and Nana/ Papa looked on. I sat down on the sand near the water with Mason in my lap. I gradually moved closer so that the water was hitting us more and more. When Mason felt the water he looked at it as if "what's the big deal"  (much like the first trip to the pool). All the anticipation, and he was so unimpressed. I wonder what will impress him as he gets older???

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