Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update, 6-8 months

   Mason continues to roll over like crazy! He really seems to enjoy rolling over and getting into things we don't want him to (like cat toys and electrical cords). He continues to eat just about anything we offer him (baby food and finger food). Mason has gotten his first 2 teeth during this time and is working on 3&4 (they seem to be coming in REALLY slowly). He has been very tolerant of teething and its side effects.
    He was taken to the doctor at 8 months for congestion (just teething) BUT the doctor was concerned that he wasn't sitting up yet. He was referred to a pediatric early intervention program for a gross motor evaluation. His appointment is Sept 17th (I'll post more on that after the appt). In the meantime, I'm trying NOT to go completely crazy over the wait and what MIGHT be wrong. I have gotten him some new toys and a Bumbo to help him hopefully learn to sit up. In addition to not sitting up he seems to rarely use his left hand so that will also get evaluated.
     During this time Mason has been 'talking' up a blue streak! He began at 6 months saying 'mama' and 'mum mum' while crying. Now he says it without crying (and I just beam ;). He also says a few other sounds like 'whoa', 'ba ba', etc.

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