Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mason's Milestones

    When Mason turned 6 months and showed no interest/ signs of sitting up I grew concerned. I didn't worry too much because he was still in the 'normal' range of 4.5-7 months for sitting up. Then Mason turned 7 months and still no sign/ interest in sitting up. Ok, now I can officially worry. Truth is I had already been worrying because I KNEW something was wrong, it wasn't my mother's intuition, it was because of my background in Special Education (SPED).
    When Mason turned 8 months, he had been congested for about a week, but wasn't acting sick and had no fever. So I decided to take him in just in case he was like me and wouldn't let anyone know when he was sick. I thought it was just teething and it was ;).
    I secretly planned to ask the doctor about the sitting up because it was REALLY concerning me. Dr. Clark was concerned too and referred him for assessment in the local early intervention program.
    I went through the process of getting him evaluated, during this time my biggest concern was that he would be considered a 'bubble kid' (lagging behind but not enough to get the help he needed....on the borderline of needing/ not needing help). The day of the evaluation came, I was praying the whole time. Please find him eligible! Please find him eligible! Thank God! Prayers answered! The OTs (occupational therapists...for those of you w/o a SPED background ;) found him eligible. We found out that developmentally he was on target or advanced cognitively, socially, etc. His right hand side fine motor skills are at an age appropriate level BUT his left hand side is 4-5 months behind. So now we are waiting for his OT to set up his first therapy appointment ;)!

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