Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Adventure Begins.......Cloth Diapers

     Even while pregnant I wanted to cloth diaper. There were several reasons I was interested in it. The first reason was the convenience of it. Imagine never running out of diapers (unless of course you forgot to do laundry, which is HIGHLY unlikely). The next reason was to create less trash to take to the dumpster on a weekly basis, which living in a 3rd floor apartment is definitely a plus. Another reason was the smell factor. Rather than letting stinky diapers fester in a diaper pail, poo and all until time to take out the trash, you just flush down the toilet the stinky stuff. Poof! Bye bye smell! I know what you are thinking, what about wet diapers? They don't smell nearly as bad as poopy diapers left for days. The last reason was the cost. Even the cheapest generic disposables are $.13-$.15 a diaper, not on sale and without using coupons. Let's face it, sales and coupons are nice, but not always realistic or convenient. Depending on how you choose to cloth diaper, it can cost as little as $.05- $.-06 WITH laundering per use.
     I chose to go with the Flip covers with inserts and prefolds. As I am typing this I have just begun using cloth diapers sporadically and plan to go full-time as soon as I get my stash built up. So far I have tried the Flip covers with just the inserts. Mason currently fits in the Flip cover on the medium setting. The first night we used them, I left them set on the medium setting with 1 insert. They leaked :(, but let me back up a bit. Mason must be a heavy wetter at night, because we have tried using generic and brand disposables at night. THEY ALL FREAKING LEAKED (even the so called 'nighttime' diapers :-/). I did some research and got tips and tricks for using Flip covers and inserts at night. I learned from my research that I should try 2 inserts and / or change the rise (increase the size) of the cover. The next time I tried cloth diapers at night I decided to try 2 inserts and change the cover to the large setting. SUCCESS! The wetness was contained by the diaper (imagine that ;). The next night came and I tried the 2 inserts/ increased rise again....success AGAIN! I now plan to use the cloth diapers every night! I can't wait until I finish building my stash (I also plan to add some AIOs too)! I think I will keep disposables for the diaper bag and possibly when grandma babysits, but other than that, we will be cloth diapering!

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