Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update, 9-10 months

     Mason continues to be a great eater! He seems willing to try just about any food we put in front of him. He even recently tried Chinese food for the first time and loved it! He had already tried Mexican (I know big surprise considering how much I LOVE it).
      His newest thing is experimenting with his voice. He enjoys making a variety of sounds, including screaming and yelling. He has also added a few new sounds too such as 'da-da', 'ta-ta', etc. Doug was thrilled when he finally said 'da-da' since most babies say that first but not MY baby, MY baby said 'ma-ma' first (LOVE that).
      He is still behind in his motor skill development. He has started working with an OT (sorry habit, for those of you w/o  a SPED background, that's an occupational therapist). She has been trying a lot of new exercises with him and he can now sit up for a few seconds and has done a very little bit of the 'Army crawl'/ scooting. He'll start off scooting and seems stop when he notices we are watching, LOL! How typical!

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