Friday, November 9, 2012

First Halloween

     I had decided that dressing up a less than one-year-old and taking him trick or treating was silly. After all it's not like he would know what was going on and he certainly wasn't allowed to eat the candy, so why go. The only way I was gonna consider dressing him up was if we went to a party or to an event at church. As luck would have it our new church was hosting a Trunk or Treat. BINGO! PERFECT! So we went to meet new people, give out tons of candy, and to dress up Mason. Now the hard part....what would Mason be????
     Days later I was still trying to come up with an idea that was more original than making him a pumpkin or ghost AND wouldn't cost a bundle to make/ buy. Then I remembered a conversation his OT and I had had a few days earlier. She said there are 2 types of babies, ones that are motor driven and ones that are observers. She said Mason was definitely an observer and started calling him "baby Einstein". An idea was born! Mason would be 'baby Einstein'!
    I googled ideas on how to turn him into 'baby Einstein' for Halloween. I came across a picture of a baby with an iron-on on his onesie, E=mc2. EASY! First part of his costume was figured out. Then I wanted a way to temporarily dye his hair without him having to inhale harsh chemicals in a spray. My friend Bonnie helped with that. She said just put a little mousse and white make-up in his hair. Second part of his costume was figured out ;). What about a mustache???? After all how can you be Einstein without the wild hair AND a mustache???? The only problem was that I didn't want to glue or tape anything to his face. Enter Google again. I looked for more pictures of 'baby Einstein's. I found the perfect solution, attach it to his pacifier! Last piece of the puzzle was now in place. We were all set!
   So we went to church for the Trunk or Treat, passed out the candy, and met new people. So many people commented on how cute Mason was that night! He seemed to enjoy watching the children go from car to car. Who knows, maybe next year he can too ;)!

                This photo is copyright of Kimberly Baggett. All rights reserved.

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