Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cloth Diaper Update

     We have been using cloth diapers close to full-time (when we go out we use disposables and when grandmas babysit....other than that it is all cloth ;) for a couple of weeks. We are still gradually adding to our stash and recently made our first trip to a cloth diaper store. Oh the temptation! I was good though...only bought 1 CUTE Blueberry pocket diaper because they come highly recommended and a few cloth diaper accessories (some wipes and liners). I also love that this store ships to the US for free, just in case I can't get there again anytime soon ;).
      I have been using a variety of diapers with Mason. I plan to use his new Blueberry pocket diaper today and I have a Fuzzibunz coming to try. So far, my favorite brand hands down is the Flip diaper with either a Flip insert or a prefold diaper. I think it will continue to be my favorite because I just like the idea better than a pocket diaper....it's cheaper and much easier to use (no stuffing an insert or removing a wet/ dirty insert later). The Flip diaper with a long prefold folded over in front for extra protection is my go to night time choice for Mason. So far no leaks/ wicking with that ;).
     I have also discovered that the inserts that come with pocket diapers are worthless! They are crap! Keep in mind I haven't tried the Fuzzibunz or the Blueberry, so I am hoping to change my mind ;). What I have discovered that works the best with pocket diapers is a Flip insert (see why I LOVE my Flips ;).
     The pocket diapers we have tried are Bumgenius 4.0, Bumkins, a generic one from Amazon, and Mommy's Touch. The worst diaper by far is the Mommy's Touch. I tried HARD to like this diaper...it's just almost totally worthless. I tried it with it's insert....it bunched up and it leaked all over Mason. Then I tried a different insert in it....same problem. Then I tried a prefold, that was too bulky and kept sliding off of Mason. Then I tried a Flip insert with it, that worked better, but keeps me from using it in a Flip cover :(.
     So far as you can see I have made the transition very easily, I'm still working on getting Doug on board. He has had a few lessons and helped changed a few cloth diapers too ;). I think for now, on the rare occasion that I leave Doug with Mason, he will be in disposables.


  1. Flips are so fun. As for the BG inserts, if you're using the long insert, they're great. The short insert is so thin that I actually use two of them in Eudora's diapers. (I have extras because I have some BGs in Norton's stash with the long inserts.) Blueberry's long inserts are great for overnights, even on my toddler, providing I wrap them with bamboo. You'll love them!

  2. Glad to know that I am not the only one that finds certain (or any) cloth diapers 'fun' ;). I switched to cloth diapering about a month ago, and I have become TOTALLY obsessed! I have started my own cloth diaper blog to have an outlet for this obsession.

    BTW- I have started using the Blueberry at night with the long insert plus the small insert...works great! No leaks ;).