Monday, November 26, 2012

The story behind Mason's Baptism

     We have been interested in getting Mason baptized for months (more me than Doug, but he wanted to also), but we needed to find a church and a religion we felt comfortable raising him up in. So I did a TON of research. I decided that the Methodist church fit the closest with my beliefs. So I found a local church and attended a few Sundays with Mason. When I was confident I found the church I was looking for, Doug joined me. Doug liked it too. We have been attending this church for about 5 months and have even gone to a few social functions (Trunk or Treat was fun! :). Yes a church we both like (we may get this child baptized yet, lol!).
      So we met with the pastor and selected a day for Mason to be baptized. We selected the Sunday after Thanksgiving in hopes that more of my family could attend, but unfortunately horrible things like school and that awful place that keeps everyone's paycheck got in the  :(. Most of Doug's family was able to attend ;) (more on the actual day later).

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