Monday, November 26, 2012

The Day of Mason's Baptism

       YEAH! It's FINALLY here....the day of Mason's Baptism! We invited a bunch of family and friends to join us for this important event. We ended up with 20-22 people....I lost count (too many changes of plans, people getting sick, etc.), so overall a great turnout!
        Everyone was invited to the service where Mason was going to be Baptized. We had such a big crowd that I didn't even hold Mason until the main event. Marie started out holding Mason but he went to Pam after a while and she used her relaxing touch, and he fell asleep! First time he has slept more than 10 minutes in church...only my child would do that ;). He slept through the entire Baptism....Pam past him off to me, I passed him off to Pastor Robb, Pastor Robb passed him back to me, he slept through ALL of it! He didn't wake up until we went to the back of the church for a meet and greet after the service. Hey beats a screaming, crying munchkin any day! If he doesn't believe us, we have the video to prove it :) (Thanks Mike!). All in all, a great service!
During the ceremony ;).

After the ceremony :).

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