Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Thanksgiving

     I can't believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone already! It was Mason's last 'first' major holiday :(....which mean his first birthday is just right around the corner. Where has this year gone???
     Mason spent his first Thanksgiving with me at my parents' house visiting with relatives (cousins Jo and Susan and their families, Aunt Anna and Uncle Chuck). Doug came to my parents' for part of the day too. Mason really seemed to enjoy his cousin Izzy. It was so nice for him to have a little buddy his age visiting.
     Mason played and played while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. He stayed awake all day with all of the activity going on. It was like he was afraid he would miss something important.
     FINALLY! Turkey's done! DINNER!!!!! Mason is normally a good eater and this meal was no exception. I let him try a little of this and a little of that. The only thing he seemed unsure of was the cranberry sauce, BUT he ate that too ;). Like I said a good eater.
      Through out the meal he 'talked' to Izzy and everyone else. I would put something on his tray, and he would gobble it down. I would put some more on his tray and he gobbled that down too. I guess he was trying to live up to the bib I bought him that read, 'Gobble! Gobble! Till I Wobble!'.  He seemed to enjoy his whole day! He really did well (especially with no naps, you couldn't even tell)!

This picture was taken after he and I split a homemade cupcake for dessert.

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