Thursday, December 20, 2012

Milestone Update

  Mason continues to work with Miss Kelly. We have seen a dramatic improvement in his ability to sit up ;)! When he began therapy in the beginning of October, he couldn't stay sitting up for even a few seconds. Now he can sit up about 25-30 minutes AND knows how to get out of the sitting position. The little stinker does it in such a cute way! He leans forward, lowering his head to the ground and rolls out of it (I will try to get a recording of it to post ;).
    Another big change I have seen in him is the ability to sit in a shopping cart and high chair at a restaurant. His trunk muscles have strengthened and he has a better sense of balance now which make sitting in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs possible. He can't sit in either for more than about 20 min, BUT that is 20 min more than he used to be able to.
   His left hand continues to be lagging behind. He wears his splint most of the day and seems to use the hand more now. I think the splint has encouraged use of the left hand and is getting him in the habit of using it. Even when the splint is off, he uses the hand more because of habit.
  He still has a LONG road ahead of him, but I am glad to see he is making such progress in just the 3 months he's had therapy.

                                     As promised....I caught him rolling out of the sitting position ;).

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