Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mason's Birthday Party

     First, I want to start out with thanking everyone who attended the party. It meant a lot to me :). Next I want to send a special shout out to my friend Marie, thank you for all of your help! The prep went more smoothly with your help. Thanks again! Now on to the actual party :).
     The party went really well! I'm so thankful considering all the issues that came up at the last minute! We arrived at my parents' house a little early to decorate, cook the chili, and ice the cupcakes. We got everything done early (again thanks Marie and mom). The guests arrived and everyone got caught up with each other. Even Gage and Mason seemed to be talking to each other! Mason opened his presents with a lot of help from me. We all ate dinner, then sung 'Happy Birthday' to Mason and had cupcakes.
      Mason seemed to enjoy smashing his. He made such a mess! That's ok, he had fun! That's what I cared about ;)!
     At the end of the night, Mason fell asleep on the floor. He partied until he dropped! He wasn't the only one exhausted. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party.
     I can't believe his first birthday has already come and gone :'(. I miss my little newborn but look forward to seeing him develop into a roaming, exploring, toddler. Mason, daddy and me love you very much!

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