Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mason's 1st Birthday

     I got to spend the most of the whole day with just Mason and me. I LOVED not having to share him with anyone! It was great! The day started off with Mason waking up early. So I got him up and got him ready for the day. The original plan was to fix him homemade waffles for breakfast, that was until he woke up early. So he got scrambled eggs and toast instead. Didn't seem to bother him a bit! He gobbled them down and we went about our day.
     When Doug got him we helped him open his presents (pics to come later ;).We had decided that we would take him out to eat for a birthday dinner (to start a tradition that we hope to continue each year). The only question we had to answer was, 'Where do you take a 1 year old for dinner?'. I mean it's not like hecan tell you or request his favorite restaurant. To complicate things further, Mason is a great eater (problematic I know, lol ;). So we racked our brains and decided that somewhere that served either broccoli, avocado, or mac & cheese would be a good place to take him (based on observation he seems to enjoy these foods the most). We also wanted a restaurant close to home, so that eliminated Cracker Barrel (great mac & cheese) and left only Chili's and a Chinese restaurant. We decided on the Chinese restaurant because we knew it would be less crowded on a Friday night. Mason and me split chicken with mixed veggies. He got to have some broccoli along with all of my mushrooms (eww! fungus!).
     After dinner we went home and I gave him a cupcake for dessert. He seemed not sure what to do with a whole cupcake at first, but then figured it out ;). He seemed to really enjoy it (I think the pictures speak for themselves).  Tomorrow the party.....

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