Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally A Full Update :)!

     Good grief! I think it's been since December since I did a complete update for Mason :-/. If you all have been reading the medical/ therapy updates you can see why. Mason is really starting to show his personality!
     He is a talker, well babbling with some words mixed in. I have been trying to count all of his words, the best list I've come up with is about 15 words or so. He has also started to put 2 words together and use them correctly too. He has said 'oh boy!' (his first 2 word combo), then followed that with 'get it' and 'get up' (uses this regularly when finished eating). In addition to saying more words, he is moving more too!
     Much to the dismay of Marigold and Noelle, Mason is getting more proficient in Army crawling and is starting to get his hips up off of the floor when he crawls too. He now Army crawls more than rolls to get somewhere. Hopefully he will be sitting up on his own and 4 point crawling (normal crawling) soon!
     This is a fun and busy time for Mason! We are very impressed with all of his progress lately! With the help of his PTs and OT, we hope our next update will be bragging on a new milestone that he has met!

P.S. March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness month, we would appreciate it if all of our friends and family would do something to celebrate it please. Even if it is just to wear a green ribbon and tell people why you are wearing it ;), this is especially important on March 25th (National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day). Thanks! Doug, Kim & Mason

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